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For treatments focused on

the bones, joints and muscles

Osteopathy derives from the greek word “osteo” meaning bone. This branch of medicine focuses on the physical manipulation of bones and tissue. Our professional practitioners embrace the body’s natural ability to heal while expediting the process. Together you will work with our practitioners to design a treatment plan that is best suited for you and your physical abilities. The goal is to find the underlying issue and to cure the injury from the root. Corrective care is the care that is oriented around healing the individual as a whole not just the physical injury.

What We Treat

Back pain
Tennis elbow
Intravenous laser irradiation of blood
Postural problems
Muscle and spine pain


More than 15 years of
successful treatment

our treatments

Manipulation of joints



Our process

we take care of our patients!

1. Examination and evaluation

All clients come in for a consultation to be able to diagnose and prepare a unique treatment plan for them.

2. Consultation and Confirmation

In the second consult our practitioners present their preferred treatment plan and confirm that you are comfortable with it.

3. Treatment Process

Once the treatment care begins, you schedule appointments that work best for you according to your schedule for full recovery.

4. Progress Reports

We are committed to your full recovery and we help you track your progress with us. Our reports let you be aware of your physical development.

5. Final Steps to Recovery

In your last treatment we make sure to check that you are on your way to full recovery and that you are comfortable with the treatment plans. If there are any concerns this is where we alter the plan.

6. Post treatment check ups

We like to make sure our clients are recovering properly even after the treatment. We book appointments to ensure proper development after physical therapy.